You are NOT defined by your mistakes!

I believe God has guided me to write this post for someone out there so if you are reading this, then this must be written for you!

God Chose You

Have you ever thought, "What's so special about me? What would God want with me? I'm a nobody." Then this is for you!

When the Devil Attacks

Do you feel like you are doing all you can to stay above water? Especially now more than ever in these times with the world going through a pandemic and with death and struggles surrounding us?

Planting the Seed

Do you ever get upset at someone for having a different view/perception/opinion than you? We live in a time where everyone's opinions are screaming so loud that we can get frustrated with each other very easily. That's to put it lightly! Listen guys, we 'need' to shed some light on this topic.. this is a MUST READ!

Is God Real?

Have you ever wondered about what you can believe and what you can't in a world full of information but lacking truth? Are you unsure about what you truly believe because this world has left you confused? Me too. And if you ask me if I ever questioned if God is real or not, you... Continue Reading →

A Simple Way to Set the Tone for your Day!

Ever wonder what you could do each day to improve the quality of your life?

You've come to the right place!

In order to improve the quality of your LIFE, you must improve the quality of EACH DAY. Here you will find a very simple tip that requires minimal effort for you to implement in your daily life to do just that! Trust me, you got this! (:

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